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Prova Gourmet

Prova Gourmet Premium Tahitian Tahitensis Vanilla Extract with Seeds - 250ml Bottle

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Unique, Verstile, Delicious!

This stunning alcohol free Tahitian Tahitensis vanilla extract is simply known to us as Liquid Diamonds.

The syrupy thick liquid contains tiny jewels of vanilla seed to enhance all of your desserts looks and aromas. Created for professional chefs this highly concentrated extract enables you to create your stunning creations with tiny amounts of vanilla, designed to be used sparingly just 20g of extract gives a deliciously strong vanilla flavour to 1kg of mixture. All of this is amplified with the beans beautiful fruity and spicy characteristics allowing all vanilla lovers to know you have used the best real vanilla.

Great for use in ice creams, cream fillings, genoises, mousses, genaches, custards.......... 

Infusion Instructions: 

Use 20g per 1kg of dough, great for cakes, breads and pastries.



Keep refrigerated after opening.