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Hambleton Bard

Alcotec Home Brewing Vodka Type Spirit Kit - Makes 25 Litres (30 Bottles) at 21% ABV

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This Alcotec home brewing Vodka type spirit kit makes 25 litres (30 bottles) of high quality half strength Swedish Vodka type spirit in 3 to 5 weeks.

It is based on recent new developments in fermentation technology which mean that you can now brew your own Vodka type spirit just as simply as you can make beer or wine from kits.

To make this kit you will need:

      • a 25 or 33 litre fermenting vessel with an airlock
      • a syphon
      • 6.5 Kg to 8.5 Kg of sugar depending on the size of your fermenting vessel
      • water

All the other ingredients you need to make this Vodka type spirit are included in the kit.