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Citric Acid 225g - Supplied in Resealable Pouch - For Making Elderflower Champagne, Cordials, Jams, Sherbert, Sweets & Descaling Limescale / Rust Removal

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Citric Acid is used to impart a pleasant fruity flavour to your cordials and wines. Simply follow the instructions in your recipe. One rounded teaspoon is equivalent to the juice of one lemon.

Particularly useful when making elderflower wine and cordial and other summer wines.

Also useful when making sherbet, the children's sweet, sorbets, bath bombs and as a non toxic method to remove limescale from kettles, other de-scaling tasks, cleaning baby bottle sterilising machines and baby bottle warmers, coffee machines and the like.

This product is also excellent for removing light rust from small items - simply soak the item in a strong solution for a few hours.

This item is now supplied in a heavy duty resealable pouch with tamper proof seal.