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Corking Machine - Floor Standing / Bench Mounting for Straight Wine Corks up to 24mm Diameter

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Your wine corking can be made easy and simple using this superb corking machine which has been designed for use either floor standing or mounted on a bench. Simply place the bottle to be corked into the stand, place a cork in the compress and operate the lever - it’s that quick and easy!

Overall height: 78cms (handle down) and 111cm (handle up).

For use with standard straight wine corks of up to 24mm diameter.

As you operate the lever, the machine firstly clamps the bottle stand under the bottle so the bottle cannot move downwards. It then compresses the cork, and finally pushes the cork into the bottle. Because of the way the cork is compressed, you don’t end up with compressed air between the cork and the surface of your wine. A brilliant machine at a superb price.

This item contains:

  • 1 x Corking machine