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Grifo Marchetti

Corking Machine - Floor Standing for Champagne Corks & Straight Wine Corks up to 30mm Diameter

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This "Last Corker" Champagne corking machine is a new introduction to the market - It is the first corker of it's kind to be available for the small producer / home user.

It has an adjustable adapter which makes it ideal for capping both champagne / mushroom shaped corks of up to 30.5mm diameter x 48mm height and standard straight wine corks up to a maximum of 30mm diameter x 40mm height.

This corking machine is designed for use with bottles of a minimum height of 23cm and a maximum height of 39cm.

Furthermore, it has a centering cone and cork insertion level adjustment that allows the inlet hole to be reduced and ensures optimal alignment of the cork with the bottle.

It is a robust, practical and removable capping machine with chrome jaws.

Here's why our Champagne Capping Machine stands out:

1. Precision Capping: Achieve consistent and flawless seals on every bottle, ensuring a professional finish.
2. Versatility: Designed to accommodate various bottle sizes and shapes, our capping machine adapts seamlessly to any production requirements.
3. Efficiency: Experience increased throughput and reduced downtime with our high-speed capping technology, allowing you to meet demand without compromise.
4. Reliability: Built with robust materials and advanced components, our capping solution delivers reliability and longevity.