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Warminster Malts

Crushed Malt - Lager Malt 5Kg Pack

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Lager Malt is (as it’s name would suggest) used to make Lagers, Pilsners and other Lager style beers where it can account for up to 90% - 100% of the malt being used.

This is a very light golden, but fully modified malt, that delivers a clean, malty-sweet flavour. Suitable for infusion or decoction mashes it produces a sweet wort with a light golden colour.

This lager malt is produced by Warminster Malts and has been carefully selected and tailor-made for making these beers. It has a colour of 3 to 3.6 EBCs and is supplied ready crushed in 500gm, 1Kg, 3Kg and 5Kg packs.