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Demi-John - 5 Litre Plastic PET Demi John With Cap, Grommet and Airlock

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These 5 Litre plastic Demi-Johns are made from clear food grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which is an ideal material as it is crystal-clear to allow the contents to be viewed, whilst it will not add any unwanted flavours or odours to the contents. 
They are supplied with a cap which is pre drilled with a grommet ready to accommodate the 6 chamber bubbler airlock which is also supplied with this item. 
We recommend that you do not overfill these as the fermenting yeast will produce a froth which if overflows will cause an unsightly mess and may even assist in contaminating the brew. 

This item contains: 
1 x 5 litre PET demi-john
1 x cap and grommets
1 x 6 chamber bubbler airlock