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EasiYo Fat Free Mixed Berry Flavoured Yogurt Sachet 200g

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This new offering from EasiYo is packed with zingy flavour and the feel good factor of a fat free yoghurt. EasiYo say that this mixed berry blast will really knock your socks off. Tangy and smooth, light and lovely, it's is perfect for making energising smoothies, delicious desserts or for helping yourself to sneaky spoonfulls straight from the fridge.

What's more it contains only 0.2g fat per 200g serving. It is ideal for anyone watching their waistline or on a restricted fat diet. It provides a natural source of calcium. It has Billions of live cultures, including acidophilus, in every spoonful.

Contains no preservatives, artifical emulsifiers, stabilisers or other artificial ingredients. Contains no GM (genetically modified), is wheat & gluten free, halal certified and has a low GI (Glycemic index). Suitable for Vegetarians.

Pasteurised whole & skim milk solids*(68%) from free range cows, sugar, live lactic cultures (l.bulgaricus, s.thermophilus, L.acidophilus, L.rhamnosus and B.longum), natural flavourings and natural colours (beetroot red and Anthocyanins). *contains natural emulsifier lecithin derived from soybean.

  • 1 x 200gm pack of Fat Free Mixed Berry flavoured Yoghurt Base & Culture
  • Makes 1Kg of Yoghurt

For use with the EasiYo 1Kg Yoghurt Makers