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Easy Drainer - Extra Bottle Rack (single)

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This Easy Drainer is a fast and effective way to drain your cleaned bottles. After cleaning  simply place your bottles facing downwards in the rack to allow the water to escape. The water will collect in the drip tray creating a mess free way to drain your bottles. This is also an excellent way to store your bottles as it keeps them clean and out of the way.

Each set contains:
1x Bottle rack which will hold between 16 and 25 bottles  

Each rack will hold:
20 x 500ml PET Plastic Bottles (approx. 60mm in diameter)
16 x 1 Litre PET Plastic Bottles (approx. 70mm in diameter)
16 x 500ml Glass Beer Bottles (approx. 70mm in diameter)
16 x 750ml Glass Wine Bottles (approx. 70mm in diameter)

The Easy Drainer is stackable and stable up to 7 layers high with glass bottles or around 3 layers high with plastic bottles (depending on the base shape of the bottles) and is made from 100% recyclable food grade plastic.