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Electrim EB1D 32 Litre Digital Mashing Bin & Boiler - For All Grain Homebrew Beer Brewing

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This electronic digital mashing bin uses a state of the art microprocessor to constantly monitor the temperature of the mash and adjust it to your pre set temperature as needed. It is made in the UK by Peco Services.

The current temperature is clearly visible on the LED display mounted on the control module which is attached by a short length of wire so the user can easily position the display to enable monitoring at every stage.

Mash with precise temperature control ( accurate to +/-1°c)

Adjustable in 1°c steps between 0-100°c

Digital display giving real time display of the mash temperature

Large 32 litre capacity for trouble free rolling boil

Handles are moulded into the vessel, one on each side, to assist with moving.

Dimensions (approx.) are 380mm (diameter top - not including handle mounts), 322mm (diameter bottom), 390mm (height). Capacity to the brim is 33 litres.

This is a top quality, ungraduated product is offered at a superbly competitive price.