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Fermentation Vessel - 25 Litre Bucket with Grommeted Lid, Airlock & Tap

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Our own brand, quality 25 litre Fermentation Vessel (also known as a fermenting bin or fermenting bucket) is made from food grade polypropylene and is supplied complete with a lid which is pre-drilled and fitted with a grommet for use with the 6 chamber bubbler airlock supplied. Being 25 Litre capacity means that it can comfortably be used for brewing the common 40 pint (23 Litre) beer kits. Fitted with a wire handle to assist with moving.

We also offer a 33 litre Fermentation Vessel if you require more headroom over your brew. This top quality, ungraduated product is being offered at a superbly competitive price. This version is fitted with a tap to enable the brew to be dispensed (racked) without disturbing the sediment.

Dimensions (approx.) are 320mm across the lid - not including the handle mounts, 355mm diameter including metal hoop handle and the bucket is 430mm in height with it's lid on, you would then want to allow another 100mm for the airlock. Also the diameter across the bottom taking the tap into account is 340mm.

Capacity to the brim is 27.5 litres.