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Jug N Funnel

Fermentation Vessel - 33 Litre Bucket & Solid Lid

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We are often asked if we can supply our own brand 33 Litre Fermentation vessel without the airlock and with a lid that is NOT drilled for an airlock. In other words, a plain container, often for non-brewing uses. Yes, we can, and here it is. Our own brand, quality 33 litre container is made from food grade polypropylene and is supplied complete with a plain lid.

Handles are moulded into the vessel, one on each side, to assist with moving.

Dimensions (approx.) are 380mm (diameter top - not including handle mounts), 322mm (diameter bottom), 390mm (height). Capacity to the brim is 33 litres.

This is a top quality, ungraduated product is offered at a superbly competitive price.