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Hambleton Bard

Flexible Heat Pad - 30cm Diameter - For Use With All Fermenters & Carboys, Homebrew Beer Wine & Cider

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This easy to use heat pad is designed to keep your brew warm enough for a consistent fermentation. It consumes only 25 watts of power and so is very economical to run.

It is 30cm in diameter and is safe for use with both glass and plastic fermenters, carboys and buckets. It can be wiped down and so is easy to clean and as it is flexible it is easy to store away after use as it can be loosely rolled for storage.

Improve the quality of your beer and wine whilst reducing fermentation time with this electric heating pad. Perfect if you need to keep your brew in a spare room, garage of cellar where the temperature is less than idea for brewing. Regular checks should always be made to ensure that the correct temperature is being maintained.

This kit contains:

  • 1 x 30cm diameter heat pad with integral UK specification mains power lead.