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Gypsum Top Food Grade 100g - Supplied in Resealable Pouch - For Homebrew Beers, Wines & Tofu Making

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Gypsum, otherwise known as Calcium Sulphate or Burton Salts, is used as a water treatment in soft water areas. It compensates for water deficiencies when brewing beer or fermenting wine, acts as a protection from infection and is also an aid in sherry fermentation.

Gypsum lowers the pH of the mash and increases the permanent hardness (Calcium ions) of the brewing water. Adding 1 gram per 10 litres (2 gallons) of water increases the salt level by 23 parts per million for Calcium and 56 parts per million for Sulphate and increases the hardness of the water by 58 parts per million.

Supplied in a heavy duty resealable pouch with a tamper proof seal.