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Hop Pellets Supplied in Heavy Duty Resealable Pouch - Celeia 100g

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Celeia is a Slovenian hop bred from Styrian Goldings, Aurora (also known as Super Styrian) and a Slovenian wild hop. It has medium sized, richly green, oval cones and is primarily used for aroma, giving fresh, floral, citrussy orange and lemon notes and as such is good for late hopping. It also has excellent bitterness and is widely used in English style ales, ESBs, lagers and pilsners.

Alpha Acid Range 2-5%

Hop pellets are destalked ground hops pressed into little pellets. Use about 10% less than you would when using leaf hops with a similar alpha level. Hop pellets can be preserved longer and are usually available for a longer period of time during the course of the season.

These top brewing industry quality hop pellets are supplied in a heavy duty resealable pouch with a tamper proof seal to preserve their freshness and quality.