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Hytensil - Turquoise - Hygenic Compact Reusable Travel Cutlery Set Kills MRSA & E.Coli

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Made to ISO 9001 standards in the UK and 100% recyclable whether you're grabbing a bite when travelling or deep in the wilderness the HyTensil® retractable, extendable and detachable spork and knife is the most hygienic way to eat on the go.

This lightweight, compact product has been designed, developed and manufactured here in the UK with the specific aim of replacing single use plastic cutlery products.

Field tested by the British Army, office workers and hikers alike, HyTensil's SteriTouch® bacterial busting properties are tough enough to kill 99.9% MRSA & E.Coli.

The antimicrobial technology employed when making this cutlery is certified to kill 99.9% of MRSA and E.Coli organisms and will last for the life time of the product.

Weighing less than 120 grams the HyTensil® is light enough to go anywhere yet still strong enough to cut steak.

Supplied in it's own hard carrying case and is perfect for anyone who lives an active lifestyle.