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Hambleton Bard

Magnum Medium Dry Red 30 Bottle Wine Kit

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These Magnum Medium Dry Red Wine Kits from Hambleton Bard are inspired by the great Italian wines and are made using the same type of grape juice in order to produce a good red Italian style table wine.

This kit produces a light fruity medium dry red wine with good body and a dark red colour similar to a Chianti.

Makes 30 bottles with an ABV of between 12 and 14% and is ready in just 14 days.

This kit requires 3.5Kg of sugar and water in order to brew it and is supplied with full instructions and all the other ingredients needed.

In order to make this kit you may need:

  • Sterilizing powder
  • Brewers bucket
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Syphon
  • Hydrometer
  • Bottles

Please note all necessary equipment is available in our #4 Kit - Winemaking Set and some bottles if you want to bottle it after brewing.