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Mangrove Jack's

Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Belgian Ale M41 Yeast Sachet 10g

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This M41 Belgian Ale yeast is spicy and phenolic, emulating the intensity and complexity of some of the best monastic breweries in Belgium. It's very high attenuation, medium floccuation and high alcohol tolerance allow you to brew a huge range of Belgian beers with this strain being suitable for brewing Belgian strong golden and Belgian strong dark ales.

Flavour / Mouthfeel Characteristics: Beers fermented with this yeast exhibit excellent the classic Belgian ale flavours of clove hints with a multitude of fruit esters, alcohol and banana character.

Aroma Characteristics: This yeast develops ripe fruit like esters, especially plum ones, during fermentation which are prominent in the finished beer. It will also show a lighty balanced phenolic character.

Higher Alcohol Beers: High alcohol beers are this strains bread and butter and with a high alcohol tolerance of 12% ABV it creates excellent flavour and aroma characteristics in strong beers.