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Mangrove Jack's

Mangrove Jack's Premium CL23 Wine Yeast 8g Sachet - For Dry White / Blush Wines Still & Sparkling

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This is a multi-purpose strain with a very neutral sensory impact, suitable for most wine styles but especially white, blush, and sparkling wines. This fast fermenting yeast is highly robust, tolerating difficult fermentation conditions and alcohol levels up to 18% ABV. Suitable for Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, vegetable wines and more.

Flavour / Mouthfeel Characteristics: The sensory impact of this strain on the flavour profile is very low and this yeast will ferment sugars out completely allowing for the driest wines to be made resulting in wines which are crisp, fresh, dry and rigidly structured. Wines made using this strain tend to be low to medium bodied due to the low glycerol production and the lack of residual sugars.

Aroma Characteristics: This strain exhibits very neutral sensory characteristics so aroma wuold be from the grapes / fruit alone.

Higher Alcohol Wines: This yeast is suitable for high alcohol wines of all styles with this low fusel oil producing strain fermenting cleanly up to 18% ABV.