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Mangrove Jack's

Mangrove Jack's Premium CY17 Wine Yeast 8g Sachet - For Sweet White, Blush and Dessert Wines

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This is a strain for making full bodied, rich, fruity, aromatic sweet white, blush / rosé and dessert wines. This moderate fermenting yeast is also perfectly suited to making country style wines from fruits and flowers as these flavours and aromas are naturally enhanced by this strain. This strain promotes body and confers rich and full fruit and floral aromatics. Suitable for Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, Muscat, Muscadet, Dessert wines and more. 

This is a slow fermenting yeast compared to other strains in the Mangrove Jack's range, typically taking up to 21 days to ferment table wines and up to 35 days for dessert wines. Dropping the temperature below 15ºC (59ºF) two thirds of the way through fermentation will arrest fermentation making this yeast suitable for producing naturally sweet wines (both potassium sorbate and metabisulphite must be used to prevent re-fermentation).

Flavour / Mouthfeel Characteristics: Wines made using this strain are full bodied and well rounded, exhibiting the same complexity of fruit and floral notes as are present in the aroma. This strain is also noted for high glycerol formation which further enhances the sweetness of the wine.

Aroma Characteristics: This strain contributes significantly to the wine aroma developing complex tropical fruit and floral aromatic qualities.

Higher Alcohol Wines: This yeast is not suitable for wines above 14% ABV.