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Muntons 1Kg Foil Packed Beer Kit Enhancer

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Muntons Beer Kit Enhancer is easy to use and is renowned for its excellent results. Simply follow the instructions provided on the beer kit substituting Muntons Beer Kit Enhancer (gram for gram) where sugar is used in the original recipe. For simplicity, it is better to add enhancer to the fermenter at the same time as the beer kit ingredients are being added and before the addition of any hot or cold water.

Muntons Beer Kit Enhancer contains a blend of spray dried dextrose and spray dried malt extract, which is simply added in place of sugar to any beer kit. Spray dried dextrose contains simple sugars which will encourage a very rapid start to fermentation ensuring little opportunity for any contamination at the vulnerable start of the brewing process. The spray malt portion of the Beer Kit Enhancer will improve head formation and head retention, overall flavour and increase the resultant body of the beer, making your beer more like the commercial equivalent.