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Muntons Malt Extract (Dark) 1.5Kg

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Chocolate malt, crystal malt and pale malt are used in the manufacture of Muntons dark malt extract and makes this ideal for recipes designed to brew Mild's, Porters and Stouts.

Muntons British Dark Malt Extract is the perfect base for you to create a full-bodied dark ales, bold and rich flavours. Use this malt extract to make a wort or blend it in with your all grain brew and make your own unique beer. Add body and mouthfeel whilst maintaining a balanced malt taste suited to dark beers, porters and stouts.

Muntons range of canned malt extracts for the home beer enthusiast is made exclusively from the finest English 2-row barley. They are produced by the aqueous extraction of sugars from malted barley and are subsequently concentrated into viscous syrup. They are a valuable source of fermentable sugars, provide natural colouring and impart a traditional rich malty flavour.

The malting of Muntons high quality barley is a time honoured process where the grains are steeped in water and allowed to sprout over 5 days before drying, allowing the natural sugars to be released and act as a food source for the beer yeast and delivering a delicious malty flavour.