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Jug N Funnel

Muslin Bag (Single) - For Straining Filtering Wine Beer Jam Marmalade Homebrew & Boiling Hops

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These muslin bags are ideal when you want to add flavourings such as hops to your brew but do not want to leave the ingredients in contact with the wort indefinitely. Also commonly used in the making of jam and marmalade. Unstretched, they are approximately 45cm long and approximately 15cm width (measured at the top of the bag).

This item contains

  • 1 x Large Muslin Bag

Please note that these bags are designed for use when boiling hops when making beer or boiling fruit (peelings) in when making jam or marmalade. These bags are not designed to be washed and reused and are not suitable for use when making cheese, almond milk or other such products where the bags will not be boiled.