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Pectolytic Enzyme 50g (Pectic Enzyme, Pectinase) - Supplied in Resealable Pouch

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Pectolytic Enzyme is also known as Pectic Enzyme, Pectinase and Pectinase Enzyme. It contains Pectinase Enzyme, Pectinase and Maltodextrine.

Pectinase Enzymes are used in wine-making for extracting juice from the fruit puree thus ensuring maximum yield of juice and flavours from fruits. This is done when the enzyme Pectinase breaks down the substrate pectin and the juice is extracted.

Use between 4 and 8 grams per 10 Kg of fruit pulp. Leave to react for up to 12 hours at around 20 degrees celsius (normal room temperature is fine).

The addition of this product will also help guard against pectin haze.