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Jug N Funnel

Pressure Barrel - 5 Gallon with Vent Cap

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This barrel has been designed to dispense up to 40 pints (23 litres) of your home brewed beer, lager or cider from a tap near the base of the unit.

Designed for those on a budget this barrel has been produced out of food grade materials with a 2" opening to enable you to fill the container with ease. Your brew can be left in this container for a good length of time without risk of contamination as the secondary fermentation, which takes place in the sealed barrel, will both carbonate your brew and provide a protective layer of CO2.

The cap supplied with this unit is a vent cap which is fitted with a safety pressure release valve to prevent the barrel from over pressurising and splitting. As the cap supplied with this unit is a vent cap CO2 repressurisation is not possible, but we do supply a CO2 cap kit which simply replaces the vent cap if you find this necessary.

This item contains
  • Full instructions
  • 1 x Pressure Barrel with bottom placed dispensing tap
  • 1 x lid fitted with safety pressure release valve
  • Carrying handle

In order to use this product you may need

  • Sterilizing powder
  • Syphon
  • Lubricant such as household petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to act as a seal
  • Beer, Cider or Lager Kit...?