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Jug N Funnel

Solid Metal CO2 Injector Bulb Holder (Made In UK) - For Use with 8g CO2 Gas Bulbs

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Designed for use with 5 gallon Homebrew Beer, Lager and Cider barrels, this is possibly the best method of keeping your barrel pressurised once the initial fizz provided by the secondary fermentation has passed. The metal holder screws onto the brass pin valve on both the King Keg and our Budget Kegs and allows repressurisation of the keg to be provided by 8g CO2 bulbs. With the larger, traditional S30 cylinders being so expensive and so often in short supply, this is a brilliant modern alternative.

Always leave the freshly discharged bulb in place for at least 30 minutes.

This item contains:

  • 1 x metal 8gm CO2 injector and cap

Please note that this will not work where the alternative S30 valve (no central pin) is fitted instead of the pin valve.