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Solomon Grundy Gold 30 Bottle 7 Day Wine Kit - Shiraz

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This Solomon Grundy Gold wine kit makes a bold and distinctive red wine with a complex flavour profile of dark berry fruits and earthy spicy notes. It has an ABV of 13% when made with 4Kg of sugar.

The Solomon Grundy Gold Range of wine kits simply require the addition of 3 to 4Kg of sugar along with water to make them with each kit being supplied with a bottle of fruit concentrate, yeast, yeast nutrient, finings and full instructions.

7 Day, 30 Bottle Kit. Start the fermentation on Day 1, it’s finished by Day 5, and is cleared and ready to drink by Day 7.
Each kit produces approximately 30 bottles of great tasting wine at very low cost!

If you do not have any brewing equipment, you may need:

  • 2 x 25L fermenting buckets (one for brewing, one for transferring/racking)
  • Airlock and bung
  • Plastic Spoon (to stir and degass the brew)
  • Hydrometer (to check that fermentation is complete)
  • Syphon tubing
  • Sterilizing powder
  • Bottles or suitable storage e.g. demijohns