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Wine Thief - Large Plastic Pipette (3 Part Version) - For Sampling Your Homebrew

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Wine thieves are an elegant and efficient solution to taking samples from your brew to measure with a hydrometer or to taste without disturbing any of the sediment.

To use, first sterilise the Wine Thief as you should sterilise any equipment that comes into contact with your brew, and we recommend the excellent and reliable VWP cleanser for this. Next, lower the Wine Thief into your brew and wait a few seconds, then place your thumb over the hole in the top of the Wine Thief, and withdraw. You now have your sample without disturbing any of the sediment!

We stock wine thieves in two styles in plastic and one smaller style in glass. Using this plastic version it will take about half a ’sample’ to fill a glass trial jar sufficiently for a hydrometer reading. Suitable for use with beer, cider and wine this item also has many other sampling applications. Made from PolyPropylene plastic, this can be disassembled into three pieces for easy cleaning and storage, and is a robust and long-lasting addition to your equipment set.

Length: 470mm (approx.)

Diameter: 27mm (approx.)

Capacity: 150ml (approx.)

This item contains:

  • 1 x Wine Thief (large, plastic)